5 tips for doing business in the Canadian north

Doing business in Northern Canada is challenging for any entrepreneur. Cultural, political, logistical, rare housing and harsh climate factors often discourage many in venturing North of the 55th. Such factors, once correctly managed, added to careful planning and assistance from experienced councilors in all business aspects of Canada's North, can create a great business opportunity for any business looking to expand in new markets, particularly in the construction, housing and services sectors.
Here are 5 tips, from a legal perspective, in having great success when doing business north of the 55th, particularly in Nunavut, Nunavik and Labrador.

1- Plan your venture with care
Planning is an essential success key for any entrepreneur when comes the time to wonder in the 'wild wild' north. Plan your trips, your business set up, in brief a business plan with a northern approach should be drafted, closely executed and when things go wrong: Adapt!

2- Choose a lo…